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Mark R. Bannister
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"Your mind has been filled with such terrible imaginings.
Because that's what it is, you see ... imagination."

David Duff, a director at the Richmond Shakespeare Society renowned for his excellent productions, approached me in December 2005 asking if it was possible for me to compose a string quartet for his production of Henrik Ibsen's Ghosts, in the style of Shostakovich, a composer whom he greatly admired.  Of course I rose to the challenge, if I couldn't do as well as Shostakovich, I'd have a damn good try!

The production demanded music that was tense, emotional and inexorable in its drive and attack.  The music I wrote demanded a performance from a group of string players that could convey the right amount of anguish and drama, and yet hold back and inject beauty in the moments where it was needed.  I was very lucky to be introduced to the Anima String Quartet of Muswell Hill, London, and very happy to have had the opportunity to work with them, and record them in July 2006, two months before the performances in Twickenham.

Anima brought this composition to life, and I am very grateful to them indeed.  In this recording, Clare Renwick and David Goodall play violins, Carolyn Ichinose plays viola, with Peter Freyhan on cello.

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