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Mark R. Bannister
Orchestral & Instrumental Composer
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"When we have found all the mysteries and lost all the
meaning, we will be alone, on an empty shore."

This marvellously well-written play by Tom Stoppard required some very technically precise music. Set in a house in two time periods, while a 19th century tutor is slowly falling in love with Thomasina - his mathematically gifted pupil, 20th century scholars are debating the events that took place a hundred years ago and learn of something very sad ...

The music in this show drifted seemlessly and mysteriously between the two time periods, adding an almost ghostly quality to the emerging love story. The production was expertly directed by David Duff for the Richmond Shakespeare Society in Twickenham.

Arcadia (MP3 - 4 mins 26 secs - 3.40 Mb)

This music was revived in a Windsor Theatre Guild production, directed by Dom Cook at the Windsor Arts Centre in November 2006.

The following manuscripts were written using Sibelius 3 in 2005, inspired by the music for Arcadia from 1999. These can be viewed as MIDI scores (played using Scorch), or listened to as plain MP3 files (which will probably sound better):

Piano Duet No. 1 (The Frog and the Butterfly)  score  mp3
Prelude No. 1 (Thomasina)  score  mp3
Prelude No. 2 (Broadwood Rhapsody)  score  mp3


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