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Philomel (Song of the Fairies)
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Written in 1938 by Patrick Hamilton, Gaslight follows the story of a woman (Bella) being driven slowly mad by her husband Jack Manningham. Dark secrets about Jack begin to be revealed after the appearance of mysterious Inspector Rough. This production by the Richmond Shakespeare Society was directed by Stella Gheury de Bray and featured a strong cast, and an excellent set, costumes and lighting all setting an appropriate creepy mood for a story that has the ability to send shivers down anyone's spine. The music I composed for this show had to enhance that atmosphere, and was used to set scenes and underpin some of the dialogue where tension was required:

The Darkening (MP3 - 5 mins 6 secs - 9.36 Mb)
Rough Justice (MP3 - 2 mins 46 secs - 5.09 Mb)


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