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"I'm a pretty little feller, everybody knows - dunno what to call me but I'm mighty lak a rose ..."

A chilling play written by Emlyn Williams in 1935, set in a house in the middle of the woods where a lonely aging lady lives with only her niece and a few others around her, when a stranger arrives at the same time as a local woman is found murdered.

The music written for the Richmond Shakespeare Society production of this play in June 2015 was deliberately creepy and chilling, giving the cast the jitters during rehearsals and hopefully the audience the shivers during each performance. Much of it underscored the dialogue and action in the play, and I composed it on my digital piano over the course of a few long evenings the week before tech rehearsals. The themes used were based around recurring minor versions of the songs Mighty Lak a Rose and Dames, original versions of which also featured in the play.

Lying in the woods (MP3 - 2 mins 22 secs - 3.25 Mb)
Did you do it? (MP3 - 2 mins 44 secs - 3.76 Mb)
Terrified (MP3 - 54 secs - 1.25 Mb)
Two days later (MP3 - 1 min 46 secs - 2.44 Mb)
Creeping (MP3 - 1 min 46 secs - 2.44 Mb)
Dizziness (MP3 - 1 min 1 sec - 1.41 Mb)
Jitters (MP3 - 10 mins 19 secs - 14.19 Mb)
Murder (MP3 - 2 mins 25 secs - 3.34 Mb)
Flashlight (MP3 - 1 min - 1.40 Mb)
Reverse Rose (MP3 - 3 mins 1 sec - 4.15 Mb)


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