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Written in French by Frank Wedekind between 1895 and 1905 originally as two separate plays and set in London at the time of Oscar Wilde and Jack the Ripper, Lulu is the story of a woman who forms and destroys relationships with many men throughout her short life, before finally destroying herself as her world collapses around her, leaving her destitute and vulnerable.

The version performed by the Richmond Shakespeare Society was an English translation written by Peter Barnes in 1970, and the music set an atmosphere and a theme that would follow the central character through her successes, failures and ultimate demise. Her theme tune was sung by the Marble Hill Singers and members of the society, recorded at the Mary Wallace Theatre in Twickenham on Friday 13th March.

Lulu Theme (Piano) (MP3 - 44 secs - 1.01 Mb)
Elegant Sax (MP3 - 1 min 2 secs - 1.41 Mb)
Monte Carlo (MP3 - 1 min 9 secs - 1.22 Mb)
Big Band (MP3 - 54 secs - 1.24 Mb)
Lulu Theme (Choral) (MP3 - 4 mins 4 secs - 2.79 Mb)
Lulu Theme (Jack whistling) (MP3 - 38 secs - 0.9 Mb)


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