Dance of the Convicts
Padua - Nursery of Arts
Philomel (Song of the Fairies)
Julius Caesar - The Rebel Within
Chorale of Ages

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Mark R. Bannister
Orchestral & Instrumental Composer
for Film, TV & Theatre

Composer for film and stage
I am a classically trained pianist, who has explored many styles of music and sound composition in a long theatrical career.  I have composed hours of music and created large catalogues of sound effects for stage shows since 1995.  I have also worked with sound on film, composed music for short film projects, and have worked with numerous singer/songwriters arranging and recording demos of their new pop and rock songs, in my home recording studio.

Latest works
I have most recently composed music for the July 2017 Richmond Shakespeare Society's production of The Tempest. Fully scored in Sibelius 6 and recorded on my Roland RD-700 with the Complete Orchestra Expansion card (SRX-06).

If you're currently planning a stage show, or in the process of making a film or TV series, and require an original soundtrack by an experienced and versatile composer, please contact me on the email address below.

Other areas of interest
I am also a versatile actor, having played many characters through Shakespeare to modern day at the Richmond Shakespeare Society in Twickenham.

I can be found at Bandcamp, UKscreen, Score Exchange, and Mandy's International Film and Television Production Directory.

Also see my piano performances on my YouTube channel.

To contact me, please email markb @

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